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Eurojuris International

Eurojuris Norway is a member of Eurojuris International, the leading network of independent law firms in Europe. Eurojuris International represents about 600 law firms and 6000 lawyers, based in approximately 50 different countries, not only in Europe, but worldwide.

In a Europe without borders, companies and individuals increasingly face legal issues outside of Norway. Although international relations are making the world smaller and more accessible, legislation continues to be different from one country to another. The objective of Eurojuris International is to provide companies, corporations, public authorities and private customers with direct legal advice and local representation worldwide.

Through the Eurojuris International membership, our lawyers are able to provide legal assistance to customers in the case of cross-border disputes or legal issues that arise in another country. We can either contact the appropriate member firm abroad on your behalf, or refer you to an Eurojuris lawyer with the required training and skills.

Eurojuris International holds two annual congresses, giving the Eurojuris Norway lawyers an opportunity to network with other Eurojuris lawyers and to get a valuable professional update on the current laws and regulations outside of Norway. Eurojuris International also organises a number of other events and courses that are open for the members to attend, and that will provide them with opportunities for further education and development within various legal subjects. 

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