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Eurojuris Informerer no. 1 2020

26. mars 2020
Theme: Conflict Management
Lawyers represent parties and interests. Most often, that takes place through counselling and legal assistance to achieve clarification and solutions for the clients. But not always. Lawyers are also engaged to seek out conflict, to speak on behalf of a party and to ensure that the case is submitted to those with authority to make decisions.
The interaction between the lawyer and a party in a conflict is important. It is necessary to talk about expectations and realities, and the counselling situation is complex. Most people would rather avoid conflict. Conflicts cause insecurity and uncertainty. A state based on the rule of law is often characterised by the way conflicts are resolved. Therefore, there are detailed laws that describe the process, and where a number of considerations are balanced. In addition to facilitating the achievement of a correct result, it is important that those involved feel that they are being heard and understood.  In this way, it is possible to achieve a greater degree of acceptance and confidence in conclusions and outcomes.
In this booklet, we demonstrate the expertise of some of the skilled lawyers associated with our network. In Eurojuris Norway we have many lawyers with a particularly high level of expertise as advisers in conflict resolution. They advise and assist different parties in the myriad of cases and issues. Through their work, experiences are harvested, shared in the network and used to further increase the quality of our services.
We hope these articles help to increase knowledge and prove useful. In case of questions concerning the articles or otherwise, the lawyers of Eurojuris Norway can be contacted for more information.


Enjoy the booklet!

Bjarte Røyrvik

Chairman of the Board Eurojuris Norway AS

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