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Eurojuris Informerer no. 2 2019

08. oktober 2019
Theme: Inheritance & Probate
For many people it is very difficult having to decide what should happen to their assets and belongings when they have passed away. When and how do you plan that? What is correct and what is fair? Who will be best suited to manage your assets? These considerations are easily swayed by feelings grounded in relationships and expectations. Unfortunately, we often see that such cases end in conflict and hurt.

One option is also not to decide on anyting. In that case, the solution will be provided by relevant legislation. A new inheritance act has just been passed in Norway. The purpose was to make this act more modern and user-friendly and adapted to modern-day family patterns and perceptions on what is a fair distribution of inheritance. But these considerations can still be complex, and they require insight, maturation and knowledge.

In this booklet, we demonstrate the expertise of some of the skilled lawyers associated with our network. In Eurojuris Norway, we have many lawyers with expertise of inheritance and probate. They advise and assist various parties in the myriad of cases and issues. Through their work, experiences are harvested, shared in the network and used to further increase the quality of our services.
We hope these articles help to increase knowledge. In case of questions concerning the articles or otherwise, the lawyers of Eurojuris Norway can be contacted for more information.
Enjoy the booklet and have a good summer!
Bjarte Røyrvik
Chairman of the Board of Eurojuris Norway
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