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Eurojuris Informerer no. 3 2019

01. november 2019
Theme: Contract Law

When two or more people agree on anything, minor or major matters, orally or in writing, an agreement or a contract is concluded. The purpose is to clarify and to create clarity and predictability. Agreements can be simple, but they can also be the result of a more complicated process of offers going back and forth before agreement is reached. For some agreements there are special requirements as to form, often they have to be in writing and be certified by witnesses.

The principal rule is that the parties to an agreement are free to agree on whatever they like. However, in some areas this freedom is restricted, to protect parties and to avoid that the imbalance between the parties causes unreasonable results, or that agreements are concluded under pressure.
Lawyers are trained to work with contracts. Through experience, they have acquired knowledge of different types of contracts. The considerations can be complex, and require insight, maturation and knowledge.
In this booklet, we demonstrate the expertise of some of the skilled lawyers associated with our network. In Eurojuris Norway, we have many lawyers that are expert advisors on contracts. They advise and assist various parties in the myriad of cases and issues. Through their work, experiences are harvested, shared in the network and used to further increase the quality of our services.

We hope these articles help to increase knowledge. In case of questions concerning the articles or otherwise, the lawyers of Eurojuris Norway can be contacted for more information.

Enjoy the booklet!

Bjarte Røyrvik

Chairman of the Board Eurojuris Norway AS

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